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Articles by aDk2

The Goldentooth Fortress by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Thursday January 12 2017

As you maybe already know, I give a hand to the development team for some english translations. I am therefore fortunate, on some occasions, to interfere in certain conversations that Cloudigger and Falkarma have.

Do you have any idea where the name of the Essemart Fortress comes from?

Let me tell you...

Cloudigger had planned that the name of the Fortress of Grimaldaz would be called the Goldentooth Fortress, a little wink to... Golden Tooth, character from the third Evil Dead movie.

After discussions (and research), it was noted that Game of Thrones already had its own Goldentooth Stronghold! Gotta find something else eh?

So we say a little bit anything and I suggest, as a joke, to change it for the S-Mart Fortress. I know it does not make much sense but I thought it was funny to tell.

Cloudigger likes it. So, with a slightly modified name, the Essemart Fortress is there, wink at Ash's favorite shop!

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Grimaldaz! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Friday December 30 2016

That's it! New territories will be available really soon!

Stay tuned for more info!

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Teaser Grimaldaz by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Monday June 06 2016

We got some news from the dev team working on the Grimaldaz region!

Cloudigger stated on the official game forum that they do not often work on new region templates, but when they do, they feel great!!


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