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Release 1.20 is coming! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Friday April 29 2016

Falkarma just announced, on the official game forum, the new stuff coming with the game update that will happen in the night of May 1st to May 2nd!

What’s new?

- Finally, Amalvik Smallmeadow is ready to send a team to the depth of the Behemoth Gorge. Be prepare to face new monsters, to collect new resources and to solve the enigma of a lost explorers team.
- Shared Home: You can now share the homes between the characters of the same account.
- New advanced weapons, including the runic short bow
- New shields, including the mirror targe
- Poison: new crafts for hunters and herbalists, new skill bonuses in offense.
- Membrane: new crafts for alchemists, new skill bonuses in defense
- Some new resources will be available, especially in the dungeon of the Behemoth Gorge
- A special loot was added to the horror of Felgorn. You will be able to craft a new armor with this special object.
- New balms that will allow to enhance the strength skill.

Several fixes have been made including the following:

- The loots were increased in the dungeon of The Lower Depths
- The presence of miniboss was increased in the laboratory and Gilfaniel Aifaran
- Loot of Manticore in the Town has been improved
- The price of honey has been decreased.
- The problem that prevented the increase of characters’ stats while crafting dyes has been corrected
- The spying tasks now consume the good gems. Specific tasks that consumes gems with a specific carat has been created.

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