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A blog about Therian Saga! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Monday April 25 2016

I present you today a brand new site, a blog, dedicated to Therian Saga. There is already excellent wikis and simulator sites... but a blog is missing!

What will we find on this blog? The main idea I have right now is to use this site to discuss about game news and miscellaneous information, provide easy to find guides, ... Of course, a lot of information will come from the official game forum.

I also have the idea to get the game community to participate and help me. I'm playing this game since 2013 but I still don't know everything about the game. You have an idea on something to publish? Perfect, you're hired! :)

I'll work on the preparation of the site in the next few days so come back on May 1st! We should have a lot to discuss here!

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