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The Goldentooth Fortress by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Thursday January 12 2017

As you maybe already know, I give a hand to the development team for some english translations. I am therefore fortunate, on some occasions, to interfere in certain conversations that Cloudigger and Falkarma have.

Do you have any idea where the name of the Essemart Fortress comes from?

Let me tell you...

Cloudigger had planned that the name of the Fortress of Grimaldaz would be called the Goldentooth Fortress, a little wink to... Golden Tooth, character from the third Evil Dead movie.

After discussions (and research), it was noted that Game of Thrones already had its own Goldentooth Stronghold! Gotta find something else eh?

So we say a little bit anything and I suggest, as a joke, to change it for the S-Mart Fortress. I know it does not make much sense but I thought it was funny to tell.

Cloudigger likes it. So, with a slightly modified name, the Essemart Fortress is there, wink at Ash's favorite shop!

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Grimaldaz! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Friday December 30 2016

That's it! New territories will be available really soon!

Stay tuned for more info!

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Teaser Grimaldaz by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Monday June 06 2016

We got some news from the dev team working on the Grimaldaz region!

Cloudigger stated on the official game forum that they do not often work on new region templates, but when they do, they feel great!!


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Release 1.21 by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Thursday May 26 2016

Céline just started a thread on the official game forum about the team working on release 1.21. She doesn't say much but she leaves us something related to vulufangs...

[21] As you have learned so far, vulufangs can be used in many different ways, including...

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And one more did it... by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Thursday May 19 2016

A player from the Wojtek english server beat the famous owl we can meet at the Felgorn Peak. He would be the second to make this achievement, a russian player did it in February already.


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GUIDE: Paid tasks by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Friday May 06 2016

There is no more money to make with honey? Why not going back to the good old paid tasks?

LINK TO THE GUIDE --> Paid tasks

On my side, I've got one alt frequenting the Big Heron room permanently while others work as guides for the aristocrats...

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Common honey for sale! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Tuesday May 03 2016

Did you sell your common honey before the game update? The price change was kind of radical... division by 10!

Before the last update, a basic hero, without any companion to help him gave me around 205 gold pieces a week. Since Monday, we now talk of about 25 gold pieces a week. I think it's a good time for me to retire from beekeeping!

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1.20 is there! (But not for me) by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Monday May 02 2016

The new version of the game was supposed to be available at midnight (Quebec time). So I went to bed very early on Sunday evening and took care of changing the time of my alarm clock to 1am!

I finally changed my mind and stayed in bed until 5:30.

What? Huh? French servers are not available! After checking on the forum, a delay for a period of at least 6 hours is needed for Fiergrue and Teasan servers because of a terrible accident that happened with the update.

Obviously, my hero on the Wojtek server is so bad so I can use him to take a look at the new stuff! I guess I'll finally take some time to have a decent breakfast and keep on waiting.

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Release 1.20 is coming! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Friday April 29 2016

Falkarma just announced, on the official game forum, the new stuff coming with the game update that will happen in the night of May 1st to May 2nd!

What’s new?


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A blog about Therian Saga! by aDk2 (Fiergrue)
Monday April 25 2016

I present you today a brand new site, a blog, dedicated to Therian Saga. There is already excellent wikis and simulator sites... but a blog is missing!

What will we find on this blog? The main idea I have right now is to use this site to discuss about game news and miscellaneous information, provide easy to find guides, ... Of course, a lot of information will come from the official game forum.

I also have the idea to get the game community to participate and help me. I'm playing this game since 2013 but I still don't know everything about the game. You have an idea on something to publish? Perfect, you're hired! :)

I'll work on the preparation of the site in the next few days so come back on May 1st! We should have a lot to discuss here!

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And one more did it...


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